Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Chloe’s Dream

Chloe is walking through the park and Daniel appears right behind her. She tells him he can’t be there and they can’t be together. He kisses her passionately before she breaks away and insists that it’s wrong. He kisses her again, but too bad it was just a dream since Chloe suddenly awakens.

Lucas soon comes back to bed and apologizes, assuming that he woke her up when he got out of bed.

She claims she was just wondering where he was, keeping mum about her dream. He brings up Grace, and she wonders if he’s upset. He admits that he is indeed upset about Grace, but also about other things too. He remembers mentioning that he wanted to concentrate on the future and forget the past, but he doesn’t think they should keep secrets from one another. He recalls telling her that Sami lost her baby when she got out of Witness Protection, which was never true. Chloe is stunned to learn that Grace was E.J.’s baby, and Lucas didn’t tell her. Lucas says he found out a few weeks ago. Chloe gets out of bed and insists that she has to go, but he tells her to wait.

DiMera Mansion

Stefano sneaks up on Nicole. “I think we should finish our little conversation,” he suggests. Nicole tells him it’s not a good day and she doesn’t have anything else to say. Stefano confronts her about switching the babies and raising Sami’s as her own, aware that right now if she hadn’t have switched them at birth, they would’ve been preparing for Sydney’s funeral.

“Then you understand,” she assumes. Nicole affirms that there’s nothing she won’t do to keep the family together. Stefano prays that she succeeds at that, but advises her to pray that Elvis and Samantha never find out what she has done.

Nicole wonders if he’s threatening her and planning on telling E.J. that Sydney is Sami’s baby. He reminds her what he just told her, in that the DiMeras would be planning on a funeral if she hadn’t have switched the babies at birth. He brings up how she faked her pregnancy, believing that if she didn’t fake it at the end, Samantha would’ve seen Elvis with a wife who couldn’t have children and by now he would’ve been involved in a custody battle. “But instead, you managed to fool Elvis and Samantha,” he adds. “So, I did the right thing?” she questions. Stefano assures her that she did the right thing and admits how impressed he is, but it doesn’t mean he completely forgives her for lying to his son. Stefano confesses the reason he initially brought Elvis over to the states, which was to seduce Sami, break her heart, then go back home. “But E.J. fell in love with her,” confirms Nicole. Stefano warns that E.J. can never know that he has another child with Sami.

Max and Chelsea

Max is in bed and hears Chelsea’s voice, thinking he’s initially dreaming. She’s really there and surprises him, then kisses him good morning. He wonders how she got there so fast. Chelsea reveals that she borrowed her grandpa Victor’s jet. He questions if she’s back for good, but she says no and tells him how expensive her ticket was. She prepares to throw it out there, then tells him that she doesn’t think she’s ever coming back. He kisses her and assures her that he’s never giving up on her. Things get passionate and Chelsea’s clothes start coming off. They have a very passionate reunion under the sheets.

They bask in the afterglow and Chelsea admits the reason she came back to Salem was to see if he wanted to move to London. Max stutters and wishes she would’ve asked him sooner. “I just wanted to warm you up first,” she coyly smiles. She notes that she caught him off guard and says London takes a few weeks to get used to, but after that it’s awesome. She believes if he was there with her, it would be even more awesome.

Rafe and Arianna

On the pier, Arianna tells Rafe how sorry she is about Grace. She asks if there’s anything she can do, but Rafe is more concerned about Sami. She assumes that Sami’s telling Allie and Johnny about their little sister right now.

Arianna tries to assure Rafe that Sami will get through this, referring to Sami as a fighter and someone who seems strong. Rafe moans how close Sami grew to that little girl. “She was adopted, right?” assumes Arianna. Rafe gets defensive and states that it’s the same thing, like having your heart ripped out. She tells him to call if he needs her.

Brady and Arianna

Outside the pub, Brady is talking on his cell phone and Arianna bumps right into him. He apologizes and she drops her purse. She mutters Rafe’s name, and Brady questions if she had an argument with her brother. Arianna confirms that it’s about Sami and everything she’s going through. Brady wonders if Sami is having yet another crisis. Arianna is surprised that Brady doesn’t know about Grace.

Inside, Arianna has just told Brady about Grace. He surmises that Sami is in pieces. Arianna relays how this form of bacterial meningitis was deadly from the very beginning. Brady assumes that Sami’s mom (Marlena) knows, confirming that she’s with his dad (John) in Europe. He suggests calling Sami. They both agree how important family is.

Brady admits to Arianna that he and Sami were never really that close. Arianna insists that she really feels bad for Sami, but surmises that something seems off in regards to Rafe and Sami, recalling how Rafe mentioned that he’s the only father Grace has ever known. Brady believes it makes sense, since Grace was in an orphanage. Arianna can’t help but wonder why Rafe would want to step in and adopt a baby without marrying Sami first.

Sami’s Place

Sami is at home reading the twins a story, trying to hold herself together. Will sits nearby and sees his mom trying to hold back the tears. “Katie was very sick, and Mama said she was so sick, she could never come home again or play, because that day Katie died,” reads Sami. Will takes the book from Sami. He continues to read “There will come a time when our sadness and our anger will go away. It will be a time when we can be happy again.” A teary-eyed Sami tells the twins that their beautiful little Grace won’t be with them anymore, but she’s with the angels now. Will can’t help but shed some tears.
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