Earn Big Finders Fees From Regular Deals With Established Clients

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Big Finders fees can be earned by finding for long-established, reliable companies or governments, thus you don't have to do Complicated Deals as a Finder.
So, you can earn finder fees of $10,000, or more:
  • Finding good merger or acquisition firms for other companies;
  • Finding a chemical process to license or use;
  • Finding idle production plants or facilities for companies.
SMALLER FINDER FEES ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU for other findings that may be faster, such as:
  • Finding a person for a specific job (such as a computer specialist, an engineer, a government employee, etc.
  • Finding a company that will open a plant in a specific state;
  • Finding used hospital or medical equipment for re-sale.
The beauty of working as a finder is that you can work with almost any product or service that interests you.
So you can have lots of fun while you earn a great income.
To start your finder business:
  • Decide what kind of products or services you want to find.
    It's good if you have had some experience with the product or service so you know where to find it quickly.
  • Pick a name for your business.
    Many people use their own name for their business.
    Why? Because you can start faster this way and usually don't have to register your business name.
    (Check with an attorney in your area to be sure.
  • Subscribe to newsletters and publications where you can find leads and contacts for businesses that may be looking for something you can find for them.
    Such publications include the IWS Newsletter, which you can read about on our website (mentioned below).
  • Contact any leads you find by phone, fax, e-mail, or postal mail.
    Tell them you can work on their need if they sign your Finder Fee Agreement which covers your commission.
    If a stated fee is already offered--such as $1,000 or $10,000--decide if you feel the amount is enough pay for you to do the work.
    At the start of your finder career you may be willing to work for less just to get the experience and build your reputation.
Always give your very best attention and service to your clients.
Keep in touch with them; answer their questions quickly.
Make every effort you can to "deliver the goods" as quickly as you can.
Treat your customers well; they'll recommend you to other clients needing a finder! There is considerably more information about the finding business on our website..
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