How to Wax Bad Auto Paint

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    • 1). Wash the car thoroughly with a sponge dipped in warm soapy water that you have mixed up using household liquid detergent. Start at the roof top and work down until all surfaces are well scrubbed.

    • 2). Wash off the soapy mixture with a spray nozzle set to its strongest stream. Dry the car completely with soft towels.

    • 3). Identify areas where debris is embedded by running your hand over the surface of the car. Spot scratches in the paint by looking closely at each section of the car exterior. Locate flaking or chipped paint blemishes both visually and by touch.

    • 4). Rub an auto clay clump gently over each scratch and blemish. Work in small sections and lubricate the area with several drops of soapy water to allow gentle micro abrasion. Wipe off each area with a soft towel as soon as the claying is completed.

    • 5). Pour a small quantity of auto paint deep cleaner on a dense-pored sponge. Rub blemished paint areas firmly in small circular motions until the area is smoothed. Buff off the residue with a clean soft towel.

    • 6). Pour liquid auto wax onto a small sponge and wipe onto a small section of the auto paint surface. Rub the wax into the paint with a clean microfiber cloth using circular motions, then cross-hatch motions and finishing with circular motions again. Continue applying wax in small sections across the painted surface of the car. Overlap each section and rub well with a microfiber cloth before moving on to the next section.

    • 7). Allow the car to sit for at least one hour before driving so that the wax sets up thoroughly.

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