How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

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Your wedding is near and of course you want it to be perfect.
Now, what would remind you of all the perfection and magic of that day? Photographs! They have to be as good as the day was, because photographs are what will make you smile at the memories of your D-day.
To do this special job, you have to find the right person.
Here are three simple and crucial steps to help you find your perfect wedding photographer.
- Step 1: Pick your style Now, you want your wedding pictures to look a certain way, find out what that is! Is it a lot of focus on you and your spouse or a lot of focus on everything? Will it be more close-ups of unsuspecting guests, or will large family pictures rule the scene? Search the internet for different styles, and take your pick.
Now, that you know exactly what kind of a wedding photographer you need, remember you don't want the best in the business; you want the perfect one for your wedding.
- Step 2: Do your homework Research your options.
Search on the internet and you will be shown tens of thousands of the "best" wedding photographer, never mind.
Look for ones that are close to your locality, and preferably the ones with a referral from friends and family.
That would certainly add some credibility, and you would have proof of their work.
Scrutinize their websites, their portfolios, how much work have they done? Is the style to your liking? Have they good feedback on their work? Draw up a list of prospective candidates, once satisfied move on to step 3.
- Step 3: Meet them, ASAP! Arrange a meeting with your prospective candidates for the distinguished honor of being your wedding photographer.
Enquire about their ideas and suggestions, about the inputs they'd like to give, and decide whether you would really want this person to be at your wedding.
Make sure you clarify all the details about the budget, about what you really want, about the time you'd want him to present, whether he is comfortable with the date and venue.
Also, discuss the style and number of albums you'd like, the kind of editing etc.
Finally, after the three steps, decide on which wedding photographer to bestow the honor upon.
Weigh all your options well and listen to your heart.
If you have a good feeling about someone, trust it.
Your wedding is important, it is special; make sure you get it right.
Take your time and do not cut down on efforts and choose the person whom you think will be your perfect wedding photographer.
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