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Whenever you hear the word yoga the association of relaxation pops into the mind. Yoga was originated way back in the era of the Indus Valley Civilization. The word yoga comes from the dictionary of Sanskrit and implies unity. Yoga gained its importance as it concentrated not only on the physical fitness of the body but its sciences also dealt with the most important organ of the body the mind.
Yogas power of harmonizing the body, mind and the spirit is extremely beneficial for the well-being of an individual. Yoga is therapeutic and helps the mind to handle panic and stress attacks with a flawless ease. Yoga improves the flexibility of the body and exercises all the joints and muscles which are usually ignored or looked over in other training programs. The various exercises patterns helps to enhance the body posture and also aid in increasing the resilience of the body.
Those who have complains of insomnia can benefit from yoga as it increases the duration of deep sleep. It also strengthens the immunity of the body and in some cases also warns the yogi of the forthcoming infection or disease so that preventive measures can be taken. Yoga has a positive psychological effect on the mind. It helps to increase the level of concentration and helps in coming terms with social conflicts. It helps in achieving self-actualization and satisfaction.
Yoga is centered on meditation, which means that a person can reach a level of calm and detachment where it is possible to disregard and ignore the surrounding negative happenings. The breathing exercises while meditating helps to increase the lung capacity of the body thus improving the performance level and preventing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Yoga is one of the best ways to lose weight effectively as it concentrates on the all of the body's muscles. Yoga improves the blood flow and flushes out waste and toxins from the body. It increases the life span of a person by providing greater elasticity to the spine and strengthening the muscles, thus preventing them from rapid wear and tear. Yoga also helps to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis by keeping the bones in great shape.
Yoga is also said to be a natural healer. It has the ability to ease multiple disorders such as asthma, constipation, backache, migraines and indigestion. It also regulates the blood pressure and body temperature of the body. It also improves the vision and cures sinus to a certain level.
Yoga adds years to your life and takes age from your face. The positive outlook and attitude helps to bear an evergreen appearance throughout your life. It boosts the confidence level and tends to increase vitality. The zest to lead a better and quality life increases and the yogi experiences a positive change in his profile. It also makes the person more fearless and empowers him to overcome the daily obstacles effortlessly. Yoga should be practiced under the tutorage of a teacher or a video before attempting to do it alone as subtle mistakes can cause various disorders.
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