How to Create an iCalendar

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    • 1). Open your iCalendar application from the "Dock Station" of your Macintosh. If there is no icon showing in your dock station for iCalendar, you can search for the application within the "Applications" folder.

    • 2). Click on the "Work" or "Home" default calendar options to select the calendar you wish to create. These options are located on the left hand side of your calendar. If you would like to create a new calendar you can click on "File" from the menu bar and select "New Calendar." Enter the name for your new calendar, such as "Church" or "School."

    • 3). Scroll to the calendar month that you wish to insert activities for.

    • 4). Click inside of the box for the date the activity is scheduled to begin. You will receive a pop-up window that will allow you to enter details about the activity.

    • 5). Type the name for the activity inside of the pop up window. For example, "Summer Vacation." Select the time the activity is scheduled to begin as well as the date and time it is scheduled to end.

    • 6). Set an alert so that an alarm will sound reminding you of your scheduled activity. You will be able to select specific alarm tones when you choose the alert option.

    • 7). Enter other information such as names of those attending the activity with you. You can upload attachments (like the itinerary, necessary documentation, and whatever applies).

    • 8). Enter any additional special notes in the "Notes" section.

    • 9). Click "Done" when you have finished entering the activity information.

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