Debunking the Fruits and Vegetables Myth: Fresh or Frozen?

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Eating fruits and vegetables everyday gives you that Bio-Energy you need to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. A hearty serving daily means you get a fount of essential fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients great for fighting those damaging effects that free radicals can bring into your body.

You already know that healthy portion you must take and yet, you find yourself lost in an aisle of fresh and frozen produce. You have probably read hundreds of ads saying that choosing fresh means health. The question now is: Should you head to the nearest freezer and grab those frozen fruits and vegetables sold in bags? Or should you choose fresh picks instead?

Myth: Fresh Fruits and Veggies are Better than Your Frozen Variety.

Basic common sense will tell you to pick the fresh ones, but there is an evidence that frozen fruits and vegetables offer the same nutrition, or even better. Way back in 1998, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration have confirmed this fact. These frozen treats are blanched and frozen within the same day of harvest. The only process it took was steaming, which then is packed instantly to preserve its nutrients. This means you get the same healthy treat after opening a package.

There is also a better way of freezing fruits and vegetables through Lyophilization or freeze-drying technique. Originally done for Bio-Tech industries and pharmacies, freeze-drying makes it possible to store and eat foods - without the need of freezers. Mountain climbers and astronauts find these healthfoods healthy. Only water is removed, making your hearty treats compact and easy to carry.

In the end, it's better to eat any fruit and vegetable, than none at all. Fresh choices can give you that flavor, juice and crunch you always crave for, but frozen produce gives you an extra shelf life. The option is always yours to make. Just keep in mind to skip those canned versions full of extra sugar, salt and unhealthy preservatives.

Remember that having variety will keep your goal of eating fruits and vegetables for the long run. You can buy many kinds – fresh, frozen or even dried. Fresh fruits will always look prettier in a fruit bowl than your frozen or dried variety. You can even enjoy your favorite fruits and veggies snack in the office, without those messy drips. Just bring along a bag of dried goodies and snack your way to a healthier you.
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