Using Banner Advertising to Get More Traffic - How the Google AdWords Content Network Can Help You

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When it comes to getting more visitors to your site using banner advertising you have to make sure that you include the use of the Google AdWords Content Network in your advertising so you can get more visitors to your site.
This is a great banner advertising network that can get you a lot of traffic! In this article I want to show you how it can help you out.
First - You can get traffic on a per click basis.
The one problem with banner advertising is the fact that you have to usually pay for one months worth of advertising at a time! That is not a big deal if you are making a lot of money and know what you are doing, but it can be expensive when you are starting out.
That is why the Google Content Network is so great! You can pay as you get traffic and you don't have to pay anything up front for the banner ads.
It allows you to use your money for other things in your business.
Second - You can split test your ads so you can increase your click through rate.
The great thing about this source is the fact that you can easily test different versions of your ads to see what is working and what is not working.
Eventually you will find an ad version that is going to out perform all the other ones and give you a massive amount of traffic! The great thing about this is, the better your click through rate, the lower your cost per click will be.
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