5 Ways to Save Money on Your Divorce

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Besides purchasing a home, divorce is one of the most expensive things that can happen in your life.
While there is no getting around certain costs of a divorce such as child support, alimony and court fees there are ways to save money by doing many of the things yourself, rather than paying an attorney or private business to do for you.
Here is a list of 5 ways to save money on your divorce.
  1. Do a "Pro Se" Divorce: Doing your own divorce can save time and money if you do it the right way.
    If you do it the wrong way you could end up spending way more money than the traditional way.
    One thing you must do before going this route is to make sure that your court is willing to accept this type of filing.
    After you get the go ahead to file Pro Se, you can use many online resources or books related to this increasingly common way of filing divorce.
  2. Understand your lawyer's fees: Rather than spend your money calling your attorney with every little question you have, make a list and set up an appointment with your attorney.
    Many attorneys charge for each 10-20 minute call that you may make and these fees aren't cheap.
    If you have a quick question, do the research yourself or get the e-mail of your lawyer's secretary.
  3. Hire or become your own private investigator: Documentation of specific events, spending and incidents can mean the difference of several thousand dollars when it comes time to present your case.
    If your spouse is cheating on you or spending your money freely you need to document each one of these issues.
    Utilize a private investigator to keep an eye on your spouse can go a long way in the courtroom.
  4. Try to work out a settlement: While tempers may flare over money and problems that have caused this divorce you cannot let your anger get the best of you.
    The more you can settle legally before the divorce, the less you will have to pay in concurring court costs and attorney fees for constant trips to the courtroom.
    If you have children you should not fight over them in any way or put them in the middle of the divorce, because it already has emotional implications on them.
  5. Hire a good lawyer: If you choose to get a lawyer, make sure you get a good one.
    Ask around and talks to people that have had a divorce.
    Many times good lawyers will be worth the extra hourly expense because they will save you needless trips to the courtroom and extra stress.
    Good lawyers have plenty of clients so their goal isn't to gauge you for more hours, but to get your divorce done as quickly as possible.
    A good reference from clients is worth far more to these lawyers, rather than getting a few needless court sessions from their clients.
While divorce is an expensive issue, it is one that money can be saved if it is done the right way.
Follow these 5 tips and good luck with your divorce.
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