Hand & Footprint Reindeer Crafts

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    For the Novice

    • A reindeer craft can be adapted to involve finger paints. Paint one foot brown and press it against a blank sheet of paper. Draw the face of a reindeer on the heel. Create the antlers by painting both hands and pressing them up against the side of the heel print.

    Crafts For an Older Child

    • Create a picture of Santa on a sleigh led by reindeer for a more advanced craft. Have the child press a painted foot horizontally against the paper so that it serves as Santa’s sleigh. Make sure the toes are facing out so that the heel is at the front of the sleigh. Create Santa by using painted red fingers for the body and hat. Using a thumb painted brown, create reindeer at the front of the sleigh. Details can also be drawn in using a thin paintbrush.

    Various Reindeer

    • Using both hand prints and footprints, create a scene of various reindeer. Decorate each print so that the toes or fingers serve as the feet of the reindeer and the heel or palm serves as the face. Draw in details and antlers with crayons, makers or paint.

    Lasting Memories

    • Use plaster to mold a sturdy reindeer for an advanced take on the hand and footprint craft. Mix and set up the plaster as directed and then press a foot into the mold to create the head of the reindeer. Press two hand prints in the mold to create the antlers. Allow the plaster to harden before painting and decorating the reindeer.

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