How to Report Credit Card Fraud to the Police

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    • 1). Gather evidence to support your suspicion that fraudulent activity may have taken place. Obtain your credit reports from the three major credit reporting bureaus- Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Get free copies of your credit reports at Federal law entitles you to one free report every 12 months from each of the credit bureaus. Also check your bank statements.

    • 2). Review your credit reports and bank statements to identify specific instances of fraud. Look for new accounts opened without your knowledge, an unauthorized address change or purchases that you did not make. Conduct an inventory of all your credit cards and determine if any are missing. Ask anyone who may have had access to your cards, including family members, about the unauthorized charges.

    • 3). Call your credit card company or bank to report the unauthorized charges and fraudulent activity. Make the report by calling the number on the back of your credit card. Follow up with a letter sent by standard mail to the address on your credit card statement.

    • 4). Call the your local police to report the crime. The FTC says you should ask the police to take your report in person rather than over the phone. That will allow you to present documentation supporting your claim, such as bank card statements showing the fraudulent activity. Ask the police for a copy of the report, including the police report number.

    • 5). Call the FTC at 877-382-4357 to report the incident. The FTC gathers evidence of fraud, identifies trends and alerts law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada. The agency won't investigate your crime but will use your experience to help others from becoming victims.

    • 6). Wait while the police conduct an investigation. Call the police department for updates if no one gets back to you. Refer to your police report number when you call.

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