Wedding Songs : Bouquet toss

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There are many popular bouquet toss wedding songs that are available to be played when the bride tosses the bouquet. It is a traditional belief that the bride is a very lucky person on the day of her wedding. According to this belief, the unmarried women guests should participate in the event. The wedding dress of the bride is torn and is kept with them with the belief that it is the lucky charm that would allow them to find husbands for themselves. In order to distract the attention of these single ladies from tearing her wedding dress, she throws her bouquet backwards. Thus, began the tradition of tossing the bouquet backwards to the arms of the unmarried lady guests.

There are different ways that can be adopted for making this event of bouquet tossing as a memorable event and creatively utilizing it. There are many different online sites which would provide you with ideas that can be utilized for using this tradition for the enjoyment of the guests. You can also utilize your creative ideas and try out what would be more fun and an enthralling experience for the wedding guests. This tradition has become very common in the wedding reception ceremony from the mid twentieth century. The bride tosses the bouquet over the shoulder to the assembled unmarried women. The woman who catches the bouquet would be the successive bride or this would assist her to find a husband. In the similar process, the groom tosses the bride's garter to the unmarried men and the person who catches it will be the next one to get married. This process is followed by the men placing the garter in the leg of the women who caught the bouquet or sometimes the garter is sold in a raffle instead of being tossed. Although this process is quite common in some places, this practice is getting less importance in the twenty first century. When the bouquet toss wedding song is played at the wedding reception ceremony, it is the indicator for the bridesmaids and the single women guests to be ready to catch the bride's bouquet. It is a simpler task to select the bouquet toss wedding songs than to select the father daughter wedding songs or mother /son wedding songs. In order to find the right lyrics and tune for the bouquet toss wedding songs, you can take suggestions from the bridesmaids, relatives, recently married couples, DJ's, and siblings. You can also select some unconventional songs or an old time favorite song for the ceremony.

It hardly matters the choice of songs as the song itself symbolizes the single ladies to catch the bouquet. There are different options of wedding songs such as songs sung by women. This song symbolizes the femininity and power, or finding true love or about men. There are many popular songs also sung by men which are appropriate for the ceremony. These songs have to be selected for the different occasions such as the bride and the groom tossing the bouquet and the garter respectively and also when the garter catcher places the garter on the leg of the bouquet catcher.
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