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Many people recognize the need for search engine optimization in their websites.
However, these same people neglect to recognize that their internet marketing efforts require the same attention.
In fact, depending on the techniques you employ, internet marketing search engine optimization could be even more important than the optimization of your own site.
This is due to the page rank of your site compared to the rank of the sites you are using in your internet marketing strategies.
There are many cases in which your internet marketing activities could appear before your own site in the search engines.
Here are a few examples: * Listings submitted to high profile directories such as DMOZ (Open Directory Project) * Online classified ads submitted to high profile sites such as Craigslist and Backpage * Articles submitted to article directories such as EzineArticles In order to make this so, you have to optimize your internet marketing content the same way you would your website content.
Otherwise another more optimized entry in the directory will take your place in the search engines.
You can do this by making sure your company descriptions, articles, and classified ads are all optimized for your primary and secondary keywords.
This optimization is slightly different from optimizing your site.
Your site, and your article marketing, should not have more than one to three percent keyword density.
This means that a three hundred word article should have no more than one to three keywords.
However, classified ads and directory listings are so short this is not practical.
Instead, list each keyword only one time but include as many as you possibly can without making the ad or listing sound repetitive.
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