Kenmore Ice Machine Auger Will Not Rotate

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    Locked Controls

    • Ice and water dispensers are magnets for curious children who love to push down the paddles and spill water and ice onto the floor. The control lock feature lets parents disable the ice and water dispenser and keep the kitchen floor dry. Hold the "Door Alarm" button for three seconds to cancel the control lock.

    Incorrect Installation

    • The ice maker detects when the ice container is missing from the refrigerator and stops making cubes. Lift up and pull out the ice bucket from the refrigerator; make sure the bucket drops down into position when you put it back in.

    Open Door

    • The ice and water dispensers turn off when the refrigerator or freezer doors are open. Make sure there are no bulky objects inside the door or refrigerator shelves that are holding the door ajar. The crisper drawers, if incorrectly stowed, hold the door ajar. The door is closed when the rubber seal touches the refrigerator.

    Ice Chunks

    • The auger is at risk of freezing in position if ice cubes are allowed to melt in the storage container. Pull out the ice bucket and tip the current batch of cubes down the sink then check for large patches of ice frozen to the walls or base of the container. Wash the bucket out with warm water, dry it off then return to the ice maker. The auger should be free to move with the next batch of cubes.

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