Some Information About Auto Insurance

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There are many things that should be kept in mind when you are thinking about Tennessee auto insurance.
There are basic requirements that you will need to have if you are going to drive in this state.
It is important to know what these are and what can happen if you do not have them.
In many states you will have to provide a proof of insurance when you buy a car.
However when you want to buy or register a vehicle in Tennessee you will not have to show any proof of cover.
However you will need to keep proof in your vehicle at all times in case you are stopped.
You need to have a policy that covers a certain amount for bodily harm and property damage.
When driving in Tennessee your policy will have to cover a certain amount for injury and damages.
$25000 is the amount needed for bodily injury per accident.
You will also have to have $50000 for all injuries per accident and $15000 for any damages to property.
These are the amounts required by law no matter what policy you have.
If you are visiting the state and are renting a car it will also have to have minimum liability coverage.
Most Tennessee auto insurance plans will in fact cover rentals as will some credit cards.
You should check your cover plan or credit card conditions to see if this is true for you.
If you do not have cover from these providers then the rental company should be able to provide cover for a daily fee.
Tennessee is what is called a Tort state.
This means that the driver who was at fault will have to pay the medical expenses of the other party.
Additionally the other person can pursue getting compensation for any lost wages and pain or suffering.
These amounts will usually be handled through insurance companies.
It is due to this that many recommend that you have cover above the required amounts.
There are many states that will need people to have uninsured or underinsured motorist cover.
This cover will protect you and cover the costs if the other person in an accident is not insured or underinsured.
However the state of Tennessee does not require you to have this type of cover.
Tennessee auto insurance is different to that in other states.
In Tennessee you will have to have a policy that covers a certain amount but it is advisable to have cover for more than that.
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