Panic Symptoms - Natural Cure For Anxiety Attack Symptoms

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Panic symptoms which lead to a panic attack can occur for a variety of reasons.
The main reasons are stress or anxiety in modern day life although some people still suffer from traumatic experiences from their childhood which resurface as memories in adult life when a certain trigger occurs.
Whatever the cause, there are treatments available and not just medication prescribed by a medical practitioner.
The best treatments for panic symptoms are natural and holistic and not necessarily prescription drug related.
The problem with medication is that firstly it can have adverse side effects and secondly it may do nothing to find and then alleviate the root causes of the problem.
Even worse, the patient may become addicted to the prescription drugs and their condition gets much worse rather than improving.
One of the keys to recovery is to be fit and healthy.
Simple steps such as taking more exercise have been shown to make a huge difference.
It does not have to be strenuous exercise either - just a few minutes walking, cycling, swimming, dancing etc is all that is needed.
Anything that is of a physical nature will aid in reducing the effects of panic symptoms.
Another step is to avoid stimulants.
These include caffeine, nicotine, strong teas, cola, chocolate, energy drinks etc.
Anything which has a stimulating effect on the body should be avoided as during panic symptoms the person has a raised level of adrenalin.
Therefore, the body must be kept as calm as possible and stimulants go counter to this.
Try to keep your heart rate as low as possible and this will reduce the effect of a panic attack.
If at all possible try to keep track of your diet.
By doing this you may notice a trend between what you eat and when a panic attack occurs.
Stop eating those foods which may trigger an attack and remember to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.
A further major factor in keeping healthy is to get enough rest.
The amount of sleep needed varies greatly from person to person.
The average amount required is somewhere between seven and nine hours of sleep a night to rejuvenate your mind and body.
A person who is tired is much more prone to panic symptoms than a person who gets regular rest.
Finally, it might help to take vitamin supplements such as vitamin B and minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
These have been demonstrated to have a calming effect on the body's nervous system.
If you take all of the above factors into consideration then you may be on the way to alleviating and even curing your panic symptoms.
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