Mediterranean Diet

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Mediterranean Diet

I had to do it; I had to write about this diet. Dieting is one thing, enjoying it is another. Just the sounds that come from it are tantalizingly wonderful to the senses. Well, at least for me, maybe because I'm part southern Italian and it's in my roots to love all things Mediterranean. But the Mediterranean diet is, uh, I just don't have the right word. It's not in my vernacular guys, sorry. It's really really good and you should try it as soon as humanly possible. How's that? What? That's the best I can come with for now.

The Mediterranean diet is all about eating healthy, natural, and fresh. This diet concentrates on high intake of vegetables fruits, and legumes, high consumption of extra virgin olive oil, non refined carbohydrates, fish consumption weekly, eggs and other dairy with low saturated fats, moderate meat consumption, wine daily, and a variety of nuts for snacking purposes. Boom that's it, there you have it my friends. The Mediterranean diet in a nutshell. I mean that was a really poor outline of the diet itself that I just gave you there, but there are plenty of diets that you can find online. Just google Mediterranean Diet and you'll find plenty of sites and blogs solely dedicated to this diet. When I saw how many sites where out there myself, I realized how popular and effective it was. Still not sold ehhh?

That's ok, you can walk away with the knowledge of a diet like this (if you study it long enough) and have it still help you in the long run. All these diets go back to basics. Organic, natural, low fat and low calorie diets will help you lose weight, period. The secret is out, if it ever really was a secret to begin with. Just the knowing and research on certain eating patterns can sort of be a marker for you to get started with this whole dieting thing. If you memorize certain approximations for calorie levels, that's a start. Next, check off on your mental list certain danger foods that you can't go anywhere near. I'm sure you already can think of a few.

Like if you're going to eat cake, give yourself one instance throughout your entire life when you'll eat cake. Weddings are a big winner for this one. The average person goes to what, maybe half a dozen weddings in their life. So when you think about it, that's not a whole lot of cake in your life, but hey, you still get to have when the occasion comes about. Anyway, when it comes to learning the tricks of certain diets like the Mediterranean diet, if you don't want to commit, don't. But still take the knowledge you gain from it, and apply elsewhere. Perhaps even in another diet. What I'm trying to say is, it can give you a guideline to follow, even if you don't want to follow it directly. And you can trust that the line this diet points you in, will always be the right direction.

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