How to Organize Your Homescreen

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    • 1). Identify which apps you frequently use and which ones you rarely use. Remove the shortcuts to applications you don't frequently use. Your home screens should only contain the applications you access daily and weekly.

    • 2). Add folders to your home screen. Many smart phones allow users to create folders on the home screen. You can then drag applications into the folder. Organize each folder by the types of applications you place into the folder. For example, create a "Games" folder and "Business" folder.

    • 3). Remove widgets. A widget essentially shows you the application in smaller size. For example, if you had a weather application, the widget may appear as a box on your home screen, showing you the forecast for the next five days. Some widgets take up half the screen, which means you have little room to add anything else. If you really want a widget, reserve one home screen for widgets only.

    • 4). Leave the middle open. If you throw ten application shortcuts on your home screen, it's not going to look organized. Instead of maxing out the screen with applications, leave the middle of the screen open. Place your applications on the side, very bottom and the very top. Organize the applications by placing certain types of apps on the left side of the screen, while moving other types to the right. If you can create folders, the process is easier.

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