How to Stop Excessive Head Sweating - 3 Common Remedies For Hyperhidrosis

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Excessive perspiration in your armpits, feet and body are much more common than excessive head sweating.
There are several reasons that are considered to be causing hyperhidrosis.
One of the main reasons is believed to a thyroid disorder.
If the hormone produced by the thyroid glands is less, then several problems including excessive head sweating may be observed.
The other main reason that results in excessive perspiration in the head is stress and strain.
Like all other forms of hyperhidrosis, this problem also causes a lot of social embarrassment for the sufferer.
Without proper treatment the only option is to carry absorbent tissues and handkerchiefs.
You will have to use the absorbent tissues very frequently to get some relief.
There are several treatment options that can be used for stopping excessive head sweating.
Mentioned below are three such techniques: 1) In case the problem is due to a thyroid disorder then medication for this problem is given.
However medicines may provide temporary relief only.
A surgical intervention may be used to correct the problem permanently.
2) A surgical method known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is also used to correct this problem.
In this method an incision is made in the chest.
Using this incision the nerves responsible for excessive head sweating are clamped or modified.
This technique can produce other side effects and may not necessarily solve the problem.
3) Another common treatment for excessive heat sweating is using botox injections.
However this treatment solves the problem for only about six months.
After six months you will have to repeat the treatment.
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