How to Look for Wear or Leaks on Hoses and Clamps in a Ford Mustang

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    • 1). Inspect each hose for cracks, frisions or tiny tears. If you find any, the hose needs to be replaced immediately. You may need to use a cloth to wipe the hoses and clamps free of grease and oil in order to perform this maintenance.

    • 2). Pinch the end of each hose in your Impala and try to feel ridges or gaps inside the hose. Feeling pits or ridges means the hose is failing from the inside and needs to be replaced.

    • 3). Run your hands down the hoses to make sure the hoses feel firm, not soft or pliable. If the hoses are soft to the touch, replace them to prevent failure. The hoses of a Chevy Impala should be firm to the touch, not soft at all.

    • 4). Check the ends of the hoses to ensure they're properly seated. Check the clamps at the same time to make sure they're snug and holding the hose in place without pinching it, which can cause tearing and leaks. Adjust the clamps using a screwdriver. Always replace the clamps any time you replace a hose in your Ford Mustang.

    • 5). Move the Ford Mustang to a fresh location and allow it to run for several minutes. Then, check beneath the Ford Mustang for any signs of leakage. Make any adjustments you need to stop the leaks.

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