HTC Desire S Continues to Possess Lot of Value Even Today!

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HTC naturally followed up its iconic Desire with numerous spin offs of smartphone with the coveted €Desire' brand accompanying them. The HTC Desire S is one of the key handsets here.

We can readily say that the HTC Corporation has done a reasonably good job with the HTC Desire S. In a way, it is safe to state here that the Taiwanese mobile phone giant had to stuff the HTC Desire S with a much technical wherewithal as was possible for it to do so as after all, the smartphone device carries with it both the Desire brand as well as the €S' moniker.

The HTC Desire S delivers satisfactorily on all fronts. Though there are some cons that are very few only. Morever, the presence of several cheap HTC Desire S contracts and other mobile phone deals also liven up the situation greatly for HTC in the UK mobile phone market place. You have SIM free and pay as you go mobile phone deals also along with the contract plans floating here.

More than couple of technology industry experts have named the HTC Desire S, the €Phone of the Year€. Now this accolade could not have come to it if there not been enough technical brilliance on display with the handset, isn't it?

HTC has equipped the HTC Desire S smartphone handset with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread version of the operating system. Now, this operating software is more than adequate for the task assigned to it. But probably the same cannot be said of the hardware. The HTC Desire S device has the single core 1 GHz processor powering it. Now, with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 already blazing around with dual core processors, HTC has probably taken a rather unnecessary risk by sticking with the single core chip set.

Otherwise, the 3G network enabled connectivity as well as the HTC Sense User Interface is as intuitive as you would like it to be and does a fine job of being a proper software overlay for the users.

The phone handset itself looks stunningly attractive with its premium uni body aluminium frame and its 3.7 inches wide touch sensitive display screen. The device affords the dimensions of 115mm x 59.8mm x 11.63mm and weighs only a slim line 130 gm.

The five mega pixel rear facing main snapper can deliver 720p HD video recording and is well complemented by the front facing VGA camera for video telephony.
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