How to Select Food Processors to Make Delightful Juicing Recipes

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Incorporating juice in your diet is the best way to embrace a healthy lifestyle. A glass of fresh juice, especially on a summer day is nutritious and energizing. You can choose from a variety of juicing recipes to start your day on a refreshing note.

From quick, simple recipes to more complex ones, fresh juices can bring up energy levels instantly. Juicing recipes that contain a mixture of fruits and vegetables high in nutrients can give you a health boost. Start by trying basic fruit juices like watermelon and orange or try shakes and smoothies with fruits like banana and sapodilla. If you're making watermelon juice, use a food processor to blend the pulp and add honey for a tasty treat.

Drinking juices that have high water content are a healthy option for summer. Incorporate cucumber in your summer juicing recipes as it is rich in calcium, iron and most B vitamins and has high water content. You can make a juice by blending chopped carrots, cucumber and celery. Another fantastic juicing recipe is blending strawberries and blueberries with mint leaves for a cooling drink rich in bio-flavonoids. You can also make a glass of healthful juice by blending pomegranate and blueberries, which are well known for their antioxidant content, making them super antioxidant foods.

You can also create a unique blend by mixing different ingredients within the recipe. You can choose from a variety of spices and condiments for an interesting and unique flavor. Add a dash of ground cinnamon to an apple and pear drink or sprinkle some pepper in your glass of regular tomato juice. These kitchen spices also contain some anti-inflammatory properties that make sure you get additional benefits. Choosing a good food processor is vital to make sure all the ingredients are blended well.

Food processors should be selected after analyzing your needs. Food processors can be used for shredding, chopping and slicing besides being used for making juices. Opt for food processors that feature reversible blades and mini bowls if you're going to use it to prepare a single serving. Also, check for the number of speeds available and the pulsing function when deciding on one. For juicing, opt for a processor that can be used for blending liquids and has dishwasher-safe parts so it is easy to clean.

Select a food processor that makes mouthwatering juices in no time with these tips.
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