The Dark Secret - Part II

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Walk with me for awhile, and discover that we can overcome the external and internal barriers to change.
This is just one aspect of the dark secret: to learn how to defeat our negative side.
Also, you will soon discover the soothing power contained within my four healing steps: face stressful emotions; use positive thoughts to control them; take positive action; turn to Positive Power.
Basically my healing system is a spiritual approach to personal growth, counseling, and social reform.
I believe that human service professionals need to acknowledge the realm of spiritual healing in their work.
It is time to see that clever treatment modalities and clinical interventions all have their proper place; but ultimately what heals is not the therapeutic relationship.
It's the power of Love-Light that must flow through the therapeutic relationship, which actually produces the healing and change.
If this thesis is true, it should have many implications for the future of the helping professions, including how they are trained and educated to do clinical work.
It also has powerful applications to the arena of social change.
I believe it is time to apply healing principles to social reform as well as personal growth and development.
Feel free to adapt it to your own belief system and problem solving style.
The least my discussion can do is to start you on a journey to your Love-Light within.
This process can not fail because it is founded on the principle of absolute power of the Positive-the Light as you personally define It.
The more one uses my healing formula, the stronger one's conviction will be that the life journey is fundamentally about spiritual transformation-acceptance of our personal connection to the Light.
For me, whatever is Love-Light always brings more life, health, wisdom, prosperity, happiness, wholeness, love, and freedom to change.
My concept of spirituality defines Light as everything that is positive in life.
Spirituality is all about believing in the Light, and feeling our emotional connection to It.
Spirituality is ultimately about breathing in the Light, walking in the Light, and letting It shine-the harbinger of health, happiness, and transformation.
But let us not forget that our negative side thrives on darkness, fear, despair, hopelessness, anger, violence, depression, addictions, and self-destructive behavior.
Its sole purpose appears to block all the Good that we so richly deserve.
Do not be dismayed.
We can work together to let go of the pain of the past.
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