The Best Ways To Deal With Anxiety And Get Rid Of It Forever

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There are many different ways to deal with anxiety, but one of the easiest to put into practice right away is to distract yourself from your feelings.
This may sound like a difficult thing to do, especially if your anxiety is stopping you from throwing yourself 100% into life.
However by engaging in an activity that stimulates you, that holds your attention, and that you enjoy, this can distract you from that uncomfortable, lingering anxious sensation.
When you suffer from anxiety, you may become obsessed with your feelings and emotions at any given moment.
The more preoccupied you are, the less you will think about your feelings and anxieties, and the better you will feel.
Think about something that you enjoy doing, something that really holds your attention and that you become completely absorbed in.
You probably become too preoccupied to constantly 'check in' on your feelings and stop unconsciously measuring your anxiety level.
Basically, the more engaged you are with life, the less anxious you will feel.
What are some activities you could engage in? Do you play a musical instrument or a sport? Do you enjoy gardening? Arts and crafts? Maybe you are at your most relaxed when you spend time with a friend.
The idea is to find something that you enjoy, something that will absorb your attention, and that you can do on a regular basis.
By having too much time on your hands, you will only spend more time dwelling on your feelings of anxiety.
If you haven't got a hobby maybe you could spend some time each week volunteering.
Help out with a local charity, do something for the elderly, look after animals or become involved in environmental conservation.
Volunteering can help to improve your self esteem, and can also help you to feel less isolated or lonely.
So if you're looking for ways to deal with anxiety today, practice the art of distraction.
Focus your attention on something you enjoy doing, and avoid concentrating on whatever anxious sensations you might be experiencing.
When you are fully engaged with life, there is no room for anxiety.
You separate yourself from feelings of discomfort, and you will begin to relax and enjoy life more.
At the same time your will build new competencies, increase your confidence and maybe make new friends in the process.
Combine your new distraction with Barry McDonagh's One Move Technique in Panic Away, and eventually you will begin to wonder why you felt so anxious all the time!
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