How to Avoid Panic Attacks While Flying?

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Fear of flying can affect people in all walks of life, and can range from mild anxiety to full-blown panic attacks at the mere thought of boarding an aircraft.
It is one of the most common phobias.
Flying is often an anxious experience for the average person, so it is understandable that it poses a difficult challenge for a person with high anxiety and frequent panic attacks.
How to avoid panic attacks while flying? If you are not taking any prescription relaxants, consider visiting your doctor and explaining your situation.
Even if you never use it, a small prescription of Xanax, for example, is useful.
In fact, I recommend simply having the tablets in your carry-on luggage.
Drink plenty of fresh water and ensure that you have a bottle of water in the plane.
It is very easy to become dehydrated while flying long distances.
Water also helps because you can swallow it during take-off and landing to equalize the air pressure in your ears.
If you feel it will help ease the burden of flying, before take-off, tell the cabin crew that you are a nervous flyer.
They are very experienced and familiar with this fear, and they will always be able to assist should you need to talk with them.
It is their training and part of their job to help nervous flyers.
Some people find that telling the cabin crew helps them feel less alone as they fly.
In conclusion, the reality is that you are not alone.
There are probably plenty of other nervous flyers on the same flight as you.
Overcoming your fear of flying is one of the steps to completely eliminate phobias and panic attacks from your life.
Once you do, you can start living the life you deserve.
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