The Best Quartz-Infrared Heaters on the Market

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    • Infrared heaters use infrared rays, a specific wavelength of light, to heat solid objects like tables, beds and human bodies without heating the air in a room. These heaters allow you to heat only yourself, and many use less electricity than convection models. Electric powered infrared heaters use a quartz glass tube to protect and radiate the rays, but some propane powered models do as well.

    EdenPure Quartz Infrared 1000

    • One of the most expensive and frequently bought quartz infrared heaters is the EdenPure Quartz Infrared 1000. Consumers rate this heater highly, claiming that it costs very little to run and allows them to heat their homes inexpensively. However, ConsumerReports says that their testing found that the heaters lacked sensitive temperature controls and an overheat protection safety shut-off.

      Despite these issues the EdenPure did score well at heating efficiently. It features wheels to make moving it from room to room easier, which is important with infrared heaters that can only keep you warm if you are located in front of them. It also produces almost no orange glow, unlike most quartz infrared heaters.

    Optimus H-5210

    • For energy efficiency and a budget price, choose the Optimus H-5210. This small, personal use quartz infrared heater uses only 400 watts on low and 800 watts on high, states Consumer Search, while most convection space heaters use at least 1,200 watts. It won't heat a room due to its small size, but it works well if you can position it near you. A lack of fans or other moving parts keeps this heater quiet to run.

      Extended use causes the exterior of the heater to become hot to the touch, so take care when picking it up to move it. It also features a very sensitive tip-over sensor to prevent fire. Uneven flooring surfaces can trigger the sensor and prevent it from turning on.

    Procom #ML100TBA

    • High electricity costs and the inability to use an electric heater during a power outage have encouraged many home owners to purchase at least one natural gas powered heater. The Procom Vent-Free Blue Flame #ML100TBA heater is a quartz infrared heater that will keep you warm even when the power is out without requiring permanent ventilation, according to Galt Home Buying Guides.

      Unlike other propane powered heaters, this infrared heater starts with one-button push and has an automated shutdown sequence. The oxygen depletion sensor sets off an alarm if you need to open a window to let in more fresh air. Homeowners without a gas line running into their homes may not want to deal with a small propane tank that could leak or require regular replacement.

    Solaira All-Season Quartz Patio Heater

    • Quartz infrared heaters can be used outdoors for patio or porch heating, as well as indoors. The Solaira All-Season Quartz Patio Heater is a wall-mounted unit that shines infrared rays down at a specific area, such as a table or sitting area, says the Consumer Search website. Unfortunately, the rays come in the form of a bright orange light that some people may find annoying. Heating patio or porch space is difficult because the lack of insulating walls causes heat to disperse before it can properly warm people. This patio heater works well because the infrared rays won't disperse, so it provides regular and steady heating.

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