What Happens If You Don't Get your Foundation Repaired?

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With the economy still reeling from the record-breaking recession, we're all trying to save a buck wherever possible. As a result, lots of things around your home may remain in disrepair in an effort to save money. For some things that's okay. However, if your home is in need of foundation repair, you don't want to let the problem go to try and save money. What happens if you decide not to spring for foundation repair? Well…

• It always gets worse—Some things can fix themselves on their own. You can just leave them and eventually they'll turn themselves around. Unfortunately, your foundation is not one of them. The fact is, once you start noticing signs that your foundation is damaged, things will onlygo from bad to worse. The only thing you can do to stop it isto have the foundation repaired. Do so by finding a reliable contractor.

• You'll have to spend money for interior repairs—When you let your foundation remain in a state of disrepair, you'll begin to notice signs of damage inside your home. For instance, one day you'll notice swelling in your floor. The swelling will start causing your wooden floor boards to pop up. Tiles as well. Or maybe you'll begin to notice cracks spreading across your walls. Windows suddenly won't shut. Or maybe you will have to force your doors open. Expect the repair costs to add up quickly. And the worst part is, if you don't hire someone to repair the foundation on your home, you'll have to keep fixing the same things over and over. Why waste the time or money? Just get your foundation fixed first.

• Your home could collapse—This may sound sensationalized, but it's not. If your home sits onfoundation walls, what happens if one of them collapses? It may not happen often, but it does happen. Your foundation walls are literally carrying thousands of pounds. They have to be in tip-top shape to support such a heavy load. If they're damaged, eventually they have to give way. And the results are potentially disastrous… even fatal. Do you really want to risk your life? How about the lives of your family? Not to mention the price of completely rebuilding a collapsed house.  

• You'll destroy your home's resale value—It's a fact. No one wants to buy a home with a compromised foundation. As soon as an inspector comes in and checks out your home, you'll lose any potential buyers. Why would they want to inherit your foundation problems? They won't. Unless you sell them the house for a ridiculously low cost. Why destroy your greatest investment? By obtaining foundation repair, you secure the resale value of your home. When a potential homebuyer sees that you've taken the initiative to repair the foundation, they'll know that they won't have to worry about foundation problems ever again. So make the move. Hire a professional foundationspecialist.

Some things around the house can wait to be fixed. But your foundation isn't one of them.
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