Structure of the Thyroid Gland

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    • The thyroid rests just below the Adam's apple (or where the Adam's apple would be on a female) and is next to the trachea and larynx.

    Two Frontal Lobes

    • The thyroid has two lobes--left and right--that wrap around the trachea.

    Isthmus Tissue

    • Isthmus is a small bit of tissue connecting the right and left lobes of the thyroid gland. This connection is what gives the thyroid the butterfly shape it is known for.

    Fibrous Tissue

    • A tough, fibrous block of tissue covers the thyroid gland, completely encasing it and protecting it from other tissues and organs in the body.

    Superior Thyroid Artery

    • The superior thyroid artery, part of the external carotid artery, feeds blood to the thyroid.

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