5linx Review - Should You Join?

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The History Of 5linx: 5linx is a telecommunications company that focuses on marketing their services through a network marketing model.
While 5linx markets various telecom-related services such as cellular service from all major US carriers, satellite TV, home security systems and internet services, it's flagship service is it's own Globalinx VoIP services.
5linx also is a front-runner with marketing video phone technology.
5linx started in 2001 in Rochester, New York.
The strength in the 5linx model is the fact that everyone already uses the services they are offering, and all they are really marketing is the opportunity to save money on bills that customers already have.
Over the last nine years, 5linx has opened up markets across the US, but recently opened up international markets in Africa and most recently, Canada.
Also, they've been documented in the Inc 500 for the last four years and have had good growth year-over-year for the last few years.
Leadership And Training In 5linx: 5linx was founded, and is currently led, by 3 people: Craig Jerabeck, Jeb Tyler and Jason Guck.
All three leaders bring different areas of expertise to the table while leading the company.
While Jerabeck brings years of traditional business experience, Tyler and Guck bring many years of network marketing experience as they were top producers in their former company.
On top of that, there are many dynamic, top-producing leaders in the field helping to spread the 5linx opportunity to cities across the country.
5linx's marketing model revolves around contacting people you know and asking them to try out the services.
They also utilize a lot of offline meetings like home presentations and weekly hotel meetings.
With that said, 5linx leaders are starting to use the internet to build their businesses.
Internet presentations and weekly webinars are being utilized by leaders to share information about the company.
What Are The Advantages Of 5linx? 5linx definitely has some serious advantages if you're looking for a network marketing opportunity.
For one, the services that you'll market as a 5linx rep, don't require you to have a ton of sales experience or a "salesy" personality.
Why? Because the prospects you approach, which is mostly friends and family, already own them.
All you're asking them to do is try your service out and they can save money.
Second, some of 5linx's field leaders are top network marketers who can teach you techniques and strategies to grow your group.
Lastly, the founders have a great deal of integrity and truly have a "reps come first" mentality.
They're also very responsive to the needs of reps in the field.
In closing, 5linx is a very reputable and solid business opportunity.
It has great leadership, quality products and a solid comp plan.
However, this doesn't necessarily mean that it is the ideal opportunity for you.
You will have to decide what exactly it is you're looking for in a business opportunity to see if 5linx would be a fit for you.
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