iPhone Wi-Fi Tips

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    Setting Up Wi-Fi

    • If you are attempting to set up your Wi-Fi for the first time, make sure that you are within range of the network router you are attempting to connect to. The iPhone automatically finds nearby signals and will display a list of networks to connect to. Choose your network, and enter your WEP key if necessary.

      When using WEP encryption on your network, your iPhone will display a small dialog box that reads "WEP Password" with an arrow next to it. It may be necessary to change the selection to "WEP Hex or ASCII", if you are entering a Hexadecimal code for your WEP network.

      If your network does not utilize a security key, your iPhone will instantly connect to the network, but if you do use a key, the iPhone will save your entry and instantly connect the next time it finds your network.

    Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Problems

    • If you are having a problem connecting to your network on your iPhone, many users have reported success after trying a set of "Reset" steps provided by AnyiPhone.com. Essentially you must remove the network from your iPhone (using "Forget this Network"), turn Wi-Fi off, reset your router, wait until it reboots, and then turn back on Wi-Fi on your iPhone and attempt to connect.

      If you get the message "Unable to Join Network Failure (error -3)" when trying to connect, Apple recommends checking your network name (SSID) and security setting (WEP password, WPA, or WPA2) on your iPhone, and whether the settings on your router match those on your iPhone (such as MAC address and security key).

      For those of you experiencing weak signals, it may just be a result of your location or distance from the router. You can try moving closer to the router for a better signal, or the "Reset" steps may correct the problem.

      When accessing a secure network, some users have also experienced success in connecting by inputting a "$" at the beginning of their WEP password, when entering it into the iPhone ("$B1EAA...").


    • When experiencing problems connecting to any network on your iPhone, Apple's support page is a good place to discover troubleshooting techniques from Apple and the support forum is a great resources to find solutions used by other owners.

      In some cases, the problem may not be with your iPhone, but with your router or network settings. If you are having a connection problem that you cannot seem to repair, it is always a good idea to check your router for problems too. Test your main computer or another wirelessly-connected system to see if the connection will work.

      If you discover that your problem stems from the router and not your iPhone, you will want to consult your router user manual or support site to find potential fixes that will get your wireless devices back on the web.

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