Can Natural Energy Production Actually Save Our Planet

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Global warming has long been a feared consequence of our industrial revolution, yet why has it taken so many years for governments to actually take it seriously? Well the answer to this is they are beginning to see the effects global warming will have on our planet, on a more frequent basis.
So, what are our governments doing in an attempt to dilute the effects global warming is facing upon us? The answer is...
"still not enough".
Many experts agree that governments across the world are focusing too much on renewable, or natural energy than on more important factors such as industry pollutions, exhaust emissions and deforestation.
The only good news we have had regarding our climate in recent years, is evidence to show that the hole in the o-zone layer is closing up.
The bad news is the greenhouse effect is becoming much worse.
People seem to be convinced that switching to the use of natural energy sources will save our climate in the long run.
This isn't true, as we cannot just focus on one of the causes of global warming, we need to focus on the range of different issues relating to this problem.
Some countries are increasingly making an effort in an attempt to help curve the emissions of some of the other main contributing factors to global warming, yet many are not.
We need to be focusing on the emissions from heavy industry allot more than we currently are.
This is especially the case in developing third world countries, who are in many cases using old technologies and equipment from M.
C's which are incredible bad for the environment.
We need to all act together, and help to provide new technologies to developing countries.
A perfect example of this is in the auto mobile industry.
It is very rare you see a citizen of a third world country driving a brand new car which has the latest gadgets.
You normally see people in L.
C's driving cars which exceed the 20 year old mark, and these cars may not even be fitted with catalytic converters.
Research has been carried out on this growing problem, and some sources state that in China, they can offset whatever contribution the U.
K can make to reduce global warming in just one week! We will never get anywhere in the battle against global warming, unless every country realises the need to work together.
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