What Traits Do You Need to Build a Successful Information Technology Career?

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One of today's hottest career fields is computer and information technology.
The number of jobs is projected to expand for the foreseeable future.
So, what traits must a person have to be successful in an IT career? The person must enjoy problem solving.
Computers are deliberately used to solve problems in the private and public sector for the purpose of increasing productivity.
Programmers, analysts and software developers create programs that make it possible.
To succeed in problem solving, an individual must enjoy troubleshooting, which is the systematic identification of the required steps a computer program must follow to solve a problem.
Becoming involved in a structured hunt for a solution requires that a person be patient and logical.
Computer software and hardware are very complex and can function differently, depending upon the specific circumstances, conditions and connected infrastructure.
A programmer might fail, for example, to recognize that a specific line of "code" isn't designed to function on a particular brand of networking devices.
Finding the error might take weeks and require that multiple perspectives be considered.
Solutions can be slow in coming, very illusive and hard to discover.
A person who wishes to develop a successful career in a field related to computers or information technology must also have a love of learning because changes in the field occur almost daily.
Information technologists must read technical manuals and participate in forums.
They must stay up-to-date on all upgrades and become familiar with newer versions of operating systems and application software.
Successful information technology professionals must be computer literate when beginning the push toward an IT career and commit to keeping up with changing and developing technology.
Information technologists must work well with other people and be skilled communicators.
The successful IT person continuously interacts with others when assessing technology requirements and is also involved in using critical thinking skills to provide solutions.
A good typing skill set, although rarely required by employers, is mainly presumed and enhances an information technologist's productivity.
Drafts of proposed solutions must be repeatedly re-written and re-submitted to the computer.
Typing remains one of the main ways of doing so.
Information technologists frequently find themselves following complex sets of instructions and then manipulating switches, wires and hardware.
Therefore, the ability to read and comprehend is as vital as the manual dexterity needed to manipulate settings and connections.
So is the ability to write.
A successful IT career demands that an individual also be a skilled technical writer.
Instructions on how to deploy and use the solutions created by the information technologist must be documented and communicated to others.
Successful IT staff persons are frequently engaged in developing manuals and documenting how to use the programs they created.
A person must have all of the skill sets, knowledge and personal characteristics mentioned to obtain and maintain a top job in computer and information technology.
A passion for technology and love of learning is basic for success.
Being imaginative, patient and possessing the ability to communicate with others are crucial for success.
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