Learn How You Can Get Your Ex Back But More Importantly How You Can Keep Them

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Learning how to get your ex back really isn't all that hard and if you have read any of my other articles by now you should actually have a good idea of the steps to take.
If not, read the following tips for getting an ex back.
Firstly you need to give your ex some time to get over whatever may have gone wrong and this means not calling them constantly and begging them to come back to you.
The more you call and aggravate them the harder it is going to be for you to get them back and obviously the harder you make it the longer it will take.
So do not call them at all for a while.
This may seem like it will be somewhat difficult to do but if you really want things to work out then you have to take the steps that are necessary and this is one of them.
Your ex will have time to calm down and will eventually begin to miss you, especially if you give them the time to do so.
So tip number one is simply DO NOT call them or contact them in any way for a few days and possibly even a few weeks.
Trust me if they still love you they will begin to miss you and will more than likely call you to see what you have been doing and why you are no longer calling them constantly.
The words absence makes the heart grow fonder are not just something someone made up, they have real meaning so remember them when you are tempted to pick up the phone.
No contact means just that and that includes texting or emailing and even writing on their Facebook page.
Just don't.
Another tip for getting an ex back is to do something good for yourself without it revolving around your ex.
Go out with friends and have some fun instead of just sitting by the phone waiting for that phone call.
You can get your ex back but only if you take the right steps and do it the right way.
Once you have them back though, you will want to know how to keep them and that means knowing what it takes to build a strong relationship.
Either they are worth the effort you will have to make or they're not.
It's up to you to know which of those is true for you.
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