How to Clean Wooden Shutters

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    • 1). Remove the shutters from the side of the house. Make sure you loosen all latches and hooks first. Most shutters can be taken down by simply turning the shutter until it is perpendicular to the wall and then sliding the shutter upwards until it comes free from the metal posts that support the wooden frame of the shutter.

    • 2). Place the shutter on the pair of saw horses and begin scraping the loose paint with the paint scraper and a wire brush. You can use the putty knife to remove any loose paint on the surface of the wooden slats that form the louvers. (Please note: You can skip this step and the next one if your shutters appear to be in good shape and the paint coverage is complete.)

    • 3). Sand the places that you scraped with some coarse sandpaper. You can just fold the paper over into quarters and then sand by hand. Then do a second sanding with a piece of medium grade sandpaper.

    • 4). Rinse the shutter with a garden hose and high-pressure nozzle.

    • 5). Add some liquid soap or detergent to a bucket of warm water and give the shutter a thorough brushing and cleaning with the scrub brush. The louver area will need special attention, because of all the nooks and crannies that exist amongst the wooden slats. For the small spaces you should consider using an old toothbrush as your cleaning tool.

    • 6). Rinse the shutter with the garden hose.

    • 7). Touch up any rough spot with the piece of medium sandpaper.

    • 8). Prime and spot paint any places of bare wood.

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