The New Breed Of Gayety

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That's what I am.
And that's what I want to be in the Eyes of the World.
It's time...
Time for the world to see The New Breed Of Gayety.
Time for society to acknowledge and accept all who may not be 'suspected' of being Gay.
Or Basically Gay.
And those who cannot be mistaken for a "queen" or a "dyke".
Think about it: Society, as a whole, automatically and unjustifiably labels gays as such, one or the other, queens and dykes.
Not really anything between.
And I believe that not everything and everyone would like to be labeled.
We are a vast array of individuality.
Pause to ponder for a moment, and you may see there's really no definitive recognition for the many of us who are not necessarily physically extreme in their Gayness.
Throughout his-and-herstory, civilization has tolerated homosexuality merely due to societetical demands, but only to a point.
We are Gay men and Lesbians.
Simple, right? It should be, but unfortunately for us, it isn't.
And that's something I'd like to try and change.
Or alter in any small way.
If I make just one important impression upon someone's life, I would hope they would remember the experience of meeting me for everything I am - including my Lesbianism.
Because my Gayness IS important, and I do not wish to be persecuted for that one part of my personality.
I want to be one to open the Eyes of the World and make its TunnelVision disappear.
"Look - I'm a 'normal' person' AND I'm Gay!" Throw a few curves into the All-American sport of Hate That Gay.
To construct a major detour in the too-travelled straight roads of civilization.
I believe I have the power to educate people I meet every day of my life.
I know I shall be remembered; I just don't know what for yet.
An almost amusing fact is that there are still those who believe homosexuality has already been accepted [aside from certain state & federal laws regarding absolute vital aspects of life: marriage, adoption, employment, etc.
]! Let me advise those readers that we have not been recognized as we should be.
Again; we are Homosexuals and we are Lesbians.
We are people.
And thanks to the Gayly-uneducated population, violence and discrimination is greatly suffered by people who are gay simply because they are Gay.
Lifetime Harass-ment.
Physical & Mental Torment.
The world does not wish to admit to its own faults and ignorances.
It is time for a new openness.
People who happen to be Gay enjoying a happy life with the one they love, maybe raising a family while working for their future.
Going to the zoo.
The supermarket.
The beaches.
Lawyers & teachers & writers & pilots & doctors - and limitless more people - just living their lives and are Gay.
I would like to set a true example of that.
A female friend of long ago complimented me greatly when she verbally admired my courage and pride and openness.
She said I carried a "classy boldness".
Admittedly I've remembered her kindness, I look at it, again, as simply being me.
I know there are others out there like me, and I applaud anyone who is able to live their life happily and Gayly Ever After! Have you ever thought about the way people react to their friends announcing they are Gay? Most have known Gay men, though it may "take time to get used to".
Gayness is becoming more recognizable universally, but barely accepted.
Society can sometimes still sees Gay women as having to be somewhat masculine, and Gay men need be effeminate.
But there are so many Gay people besides 'dykes', 'butches' and manly men.
I have met so many people in the courses of my life who are "surprised" when they learn I am Gay.
Why? I've been told I "don't look Gay".
"How am I supposed to look?" I think.
I wasn't aware I had to look a certain way to be Gay.
(I must have missed that in the I'M GAY & THAT'S OK Handbook! Although some would classify me as a 'Lipstick Lesbian'.
But that's another label, isn't it?) My persona is simply very feminine.
I fear I just don't look enough like a man for me to be Gay.
Another issue in need of consideration is Growing Up Gay.
'Tis most definitely most difficult.
Is it OK for a boy to grow up and be pretty, and a girl to grow up covered in grease with cropped tresses? Are you a Barbie Girl forever or did you play in the woods as a child? What about living out your life in the public eye? Look at Little Richard.
He was very pretty in the 50's, and accepted in his ways because he was a performer.
It's OK for entertainers.
At times, expected.
Upon the passage of time and the liberality of modern civilization, more and more boys & girls are able to grow up as themselves, without having to worry what they're supposed to do because of their genders.
Gertrude Stein.
Boy George.
Sir Elton John.
Barbara A.
Sherri Laurier.
Everyone has pondered their sexual preferences.
You must in order to make a decision.
Straight? Bisexual? Gay? Again; society demands to know what you are.
You must chose, just don't chose the wrong categories.
Whatever individual conclusions were drawn about the aforementioned artists, they were able to assert themselves in their own ways and maintain a loyal following.
Some have merely achieved fame and fortune while others were blazed into Legendary status.
They have confided to the world their intimate preferences, not knowing how it shall affect their lives.
Not knowing how many good and bad reactions will surface.
Unafraid of the effects such reactions would have upon their careers and personal lives.
For most, such preferences are taboo.
But even for greats, such as Sir Elton, it took a bit of time to take back and uphold his previous level of stardom and be fully accepted again.
And as he sings, "I'm Still Standing...
", it appears he indeed has regained the world's respect.
He makes me want to stand up, too.
I like to think that I'm like Sir Elton.
Like Ellen.
Whether I'm accepted or not by one or a million is not the ultimate issue - it is simply self pride.
A survivor's natural instinct.
The writer is yet another born with the confidence and the need to awaken the world from its stereotypical nap.
To shine my another light upon the road ahead for weary travellers.
Weary, perhaps, from years of living in the wrong life.
I would encourage you to go DO and BE who you are within.
Let others not dictate your choices.
And maybe, one day you may find yourself as lucky as I was.
You'll find true love where, when and with whom you least expect it.
Then you, too, can have a Happy & Gay Forever After! I am an everyday advocate.
I wear a pink triangle on every ensemble.
"I Love My Wife" stickers tell the world who I am when I drive.
Our employers and co-workers know we are Gay.
I am always proud to introduce my wife of many years, Barbara.
And, we are so very, very lucky to have our families love us as much as they do.
I would wish for every Gay person to be able to have that, too.
Unfortunately, not everyone who is Gay is as lucky as we are.
But yes -- That's what I am, an everyday advocate, and proud of it.
Thus my quest: to be a bright star in the dark nights of Gayety and guide others who may wish to shine and be Gay- to be a pioneer of sort in the Community of The World.
I say, go ahead and be as Gay as you are.
I did and could never turn back.
There have been many lives which have led to this freedom.
I will say there is no easy road in any direction.
I'm forever thankful my many roads led me to where I am today.
So, should my Visions affect even one reader, then I shall begin to realize my goals.
My accomplishments will be underway; my directions known.
My Gayety helping someone with theirs.
If you feel certain ways, speak them or change them.
Only you, yourself, can do that.
Believe it is a new dawn on the horizon for Gay rights.
Take advantage of each & every step we take as a Gay people.
Time is at hand for people to be recognized as themselves, without prejudice or violence against them simply because they are Gay.
I would wish to paint a rainbow sunrise to awaken to everyday, and hope that each day you awaken to be a Happy & Gay Day...
SHERRI LAURIER The QuillMistress
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