Things You Should Not Do When a Computer Runs Slow

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When our computer runs slow we try every tip and trick that we come across, to make it faster.
From tweaking the configuration to upgrading hardware, nothing gets left out of our list.
When the reason for the slowing down of the PC is unknown, trying everything blindly would not take you anywhere.
Also there is a risk of making it worse by setting wrong configurations.
If you do not know your computer very well, then it is recommended that you do not play engineer with it.
Here is a short list of mistakes that people make when the computer runs slow.
If you already have an antivirus and your computer runs slow, do not blame the antivirus.
Most people suspect that there is some unknown virus that is making their computer slow.
But if you have an antivirus and it is updated you will not need another one.
Installing another anitivirus will make your computer even slower.
The best approach would be to update the software and if it still does not work then you can uninstall it and then use a new one.
This way your computer will remain protected and work fast.
Most people do not understand the importance of paging file or virtual memory in Windows systems.
Virtual memory is fairly important for the programs to run smoothly.
You can manually set the amount or choose the system managed size for the paging file.
Another mistake that people make is tweak the registry manually.
If your computer runs slow then this can be risky and wrong settings can cause many error messages to pop up, which you certainly do not want.
There are some software that are made specially for this purpose.
They edit the registry and clean it to make the computer run faster.
They are generally referred to as "registry repair software" and you can find more about them in the other reviews.
These software often come with automated configuration update and spyware protection.
If your computer runs slow, it would be better to leave the work to these cutting-edge software.
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