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Shall we take it for granted that you are a digital photo enthusiast? Our presumption is not without statistical backing – 87% of over a billion mobile phones will have cameras in 2010, according to Info Trends. Before we leave statistics to the expert there are 228 billion digital photos in mobile phone memories.

Do you believe that your mobile phone is reliable, safe and easy to manage for your precious memories. We do not intend getting clichéd about “precious memories”, there is a context. Between your digital camera and your mobile camera which is quickly accessible? Between your digital camera and your mobile camera, which is more likely to capture important moments? Yes, you would take out your digital camera when you have a big event or someone ready with a pose.

How about, when you dear one set about on a twirl, when your grand parent flashed a ‘new’ smile, when your toddler pulled off a new trick, someone at work uncorked the bubbly, or when you got lost on the butterfly stopping at your balcony garden. These are precious moments, aren’t they?

Sad, if you had to delete some of these to make space for something else, or lost all of them with your phone or, your phone just refused to talk to its memory one fine day. Yes, we know, there is the data cable, and, most phones can talk to computers via blue tooth and so on. Honestly, how many of your important moments have moved from your phone to the relative safety of your hard drive?

Remember the next time, when you are waiting for a meeting, on a train, stuck at traffic or an airport, it is time to move photos from your mobile phone to secure storage. All you need is your phone to be able to connect to the internet and that’s it – your mobile photos are now ready to be transferred to online albums. Looking for fine print? You will not find any – because, this is free, and you get unlimited space to store your mobile phone photos. You do not have to install any software on your mobile phone.

Here are the steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Join by giving your email ID, and setting up a password
  3. Upload
  4. Share to email ID, or another mobile phone

You can go to to join and sign in from your mobile phone, to make it easier. What you have uploaded is available in the same email sign in at

Not done yet – you can share photos from your mobile phone by sending an email and, or SMS to a friend. Unlimited and FREE.

The next time you are rummaging through your phone – there is something good to do, upload your digital shots from your mobile phone.

Photo Prints and Gifts offers unique mobile photo uploaders. Custom designed to work with the limited resources of mobile phones, PPG uploaders are fast and easy to use. At Photo Prints and Gifts, photo uploading and sharing is made easy. You now need to resort to clumsy email attachments to share photos. Mobile photo uploaders at PPG work in GPRS and WAP and are tested per Opera mobile browser standards. PPG uploaders are designed to be secure for use on a mobile phone and does not need installation of any software on the phone.

PPG is loaded with over 1000 creative digital assets: borders, themes, and layouts that are made for India, paying attention to multi cultural and diversified tastes that we have as a billion+ nation. These are now available for free online use.

About PPG

What are you doing with your photos today? This is the quest that the founding team of photo and imaging experienced professionals went to find out from the photo products (prints and gifts) markets in Asia -Pac. The answers were numerous, some relatively clear, a lot “not so sure.” The consensus was that the photo products consumer (B2C, B2B2C or B2B) in most parts of Asia Pacific does not enjoy quality photo solutions with globally prevalent cost efficiencies.Providers of high quality, creative, easy to use and affordable photo storage, preservation and social expression solutions are a handful and this creates a supply side constrained scenario (which very rarely benefits the consumer). This eureka moment (more a period of study) lead to the birth of Photo Prints and Gifts (PPG). World-class, affordable photo products and services to the Asia-Pacific region becomes a reality with PPG. PPG is a photo, web, and mobile communications medium that makes photo expressions creative, enjoyable, and effective.

Coming soon from PPG: prints, posters, photo cards, personalized calendars, photo albums and books,business solutions, store my pics – photo archival solutions, and specialty photo gifts.

Online – offline partnership being expanded now – inquiries are welcome
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