Knowing Your Skin Type - Your Most Precious Assets

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Knowing your own skin is the most precious assets of looking after your skin health. Everyone of us, at any one time have experience over-exposure to sun, sea and sand. It is imperative that your skin needs a lot of pampering.

Our skin goes through a natural ageing process from the moment we are born. As we age, our skin character changes... becoming more slacker, dryer, thinner and more lines appear.

The key to knowing how your skin type is to know how much oil or sebum your skin produces; and where the oil on your face it most heavily produce.

Our skin types will change with age; our hormonal changes; which occur during the menopause. Our existing health or medical conditions also affect our skin health too.

Typical skin types are normal skin, oily skin, dry skin and combination skin.

The Normal skin type person should never take for granted and go to bed without removing makeup properly. Even with the normal skin type, you need to moisturise regularly.

For the oily skin type, you need to be more discipline in cleaning your face. Cleanse your face twice daily and try mattifying makeup. Go for skin care products that can control oil.

People with dry skin should moisturise twice a day; applying moisturiser to damp the skin, because the skin lacks mositure.

Combination skin type is also very common. It occurs for people where moisture and oil vary in different parts of the face. For example, the nose may be oily, the cheeks and chin are dry or normal. In this case, treat different areas seperately according to the skin type. Use appropriate products on different parts of the face.
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