How to Remove Crank Bolts

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    • 1). Spray the sides of the bolt head with penetrating oil. This will help loosen any rust or corrosion on the threads of the bolt. It will also help make it easier to remove the bolt.

    • 2). Slide the crank bolt removal tool over the crank bolt. On GM vehicles, the tool slides over the entire pulley and a single bolt threads through the center hole on the pulley to hole it still. On import vehicles, the tool generally slides over the center bolt, resting on the center mount of the pulley, while an arm intersects the pulley and prevents it from moving.

    • 3). Slide the appropriate-sized socket over the center pulley bolt. On GM vehicle's, three bolts are located on the pulley itself.

    • 4). Use the impact wrench to turn the bolts counterclockwise to remove it/them.

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