The 2012 Foldable Sunglasses Craze

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Foldable sunglasses have become quite popular recently and a must-have fashion accessory.  A pair of foldable sunglasses is, of course, highly convenient and gives wearers a new way to easily transport their glasses wherever they go.

Ray-Ban likely started this hot trend as they unveiled foldable aviator sunglasses earlier this year. These new breed of Ray-Ban's are polarized sunglasses with gradient crystal lenses.  This company has long been admired for both the quality of their sunglasses and their forward looking approach in the industry, both in terms of fashion and for introducing new innovations.  In this new reinvention of the aviator sunglasses, it is now possible to fold the glasses for storage and travel. 

How is this impressive feat accomplished?  The magic happens via a small hinge on the bridge of the frame, which effectively allows for the sunglasses to be safely folded into a smaller package.  Once folded, it is then possible to fit the sunglasses into a tiny and convenient custom lens case.  People tend to love the aviator sunglasses due to their universal appeal, as they are flattering for both men and women and this new foldable element makes the glasses even more attractive.

Ray-Ban is not the only company making fashionable folding sunglasses.  Chloé Dionée is also manufacturing folding polarized sunglasses.  The Chloé Dionée frames fit neatly into a tiny egg shaped case.  These cases have a decidedly retro style and the round frames come in tortoiseshell, black and a variety of other colors.

Persol has also entered the folding sunglasses market with their 714 model.  Like the offerings from Chloé Dionée, Persol has also opted for a retro style reminiscent to what was showcased in movies like The Thomas Crown Affair.  This limited release polarized sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and are handcrafted in Italy.   Currently, the Persol folding sunglasses are available in honey tortoise frames with brown lenses; tortoise with brown polarized lenses and black with G15 polarized lenses. Prescription options are available as well.

Ray-Bans foldable sunglasses cost between $189-$244, whereas Chloé Dionée cost $398.  These high price points mean that if your polarized lenses are ever scratched, you will want to get replacement lenses instead of buying a new pair.  Luckily, there are various online services that will quickly offer lens replacement.

It is possible to maintain your investment in designer Sunglasses , thanks to getting replacement lenses, which allow you to bypass the cost and inconvenience of buying a whole new pair of sunglasses.  Thanks to online lens replacement services, you can simply order replacement lenses if your lenses become scratched or damaged in any way.  Knowing that this convenient option is available means that it is possible to easily preserve your investment in high quality sunglasses even if your lenses become damaged.
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