Your Fun Pen Is Your Cutest Friend

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If mobile phones and iPads have not been able to completely dethrone a novelty pen, despite the fact that these hi-tech implements have substantially reduced our need for conventional writing implements, it is because a fun pen is a real cutie pie that no one can afford to ignore. It is small and adorable, and can be your companion pretty much everywhere. Your office table and your work table at home are places where you normally keep a novelty pen. There it always does more than one job. Besides discharging its primary duty as a writing tool, it also beautifies the place. Fun pens come in such colors and shapes and innovative styles these days that you can keep one or more on your table the way you will keep a curio or a flower on the table to enliven the place. Now that scented ink fun pen has also come into the market, it becomes a real substitute for a flower since it will emit the fragrance of a flower when being used.

A novelty pen inside a kitchen or on top of a fridge is a must for all who spend a lot of time in the kitchen or are keen on trying out new recipes. A pen in the shape of an ice cream cone, or a carrot, or with a cauliflower head will be ideal for use in kitchen and related arenas. However, when you buy a fun pen for a kitchen, remember to buy one that is a single unit instead of fancy ones like a boxing monkey or a jumping frog which may have small component parts. Pens that can break up into small parts when mishandled are not safe inside a kitchen. If your kitchen is small, a novelty pen with a solid base that can stand erect on its own will be a good idea since it will occupy less space.

A cute novelty pen can be everybodys constant companion even when they travel, for it can nestle comfortably in the pocket of a jacket or pant or shirt. Or you can clip it on your shirt as well. Unlike a flower in the buttonhole, a fun pen will not wilt and will come in handy for scribbling now and then. And a woman can carry quite a few of these fancy things in her handbag in different colors or different fragrances as she prefers. You can wear a novelty pen around your neck also, as a pendent on a chain. There are plenty of chubby little fun pens that will do the job of a pendent absolutely well. Many a fun pen comes with its own cord. Pens with cords will free you from the job of attempting the logistics of securing the pen to your chain.

Whatever the mode of transportation that you use to get around, there is none that will prevent you from taking a novelty pen along. While the glove compartment of a car has got ample space for it, you can even hang one around the handlebar or top tube of a bicycle. And finally, a fun pen is a chum whom you can keep underneath your pillow as well, if you are someone who is likely to suddenly remember something or get hit by a creative wave unexpectedly at night.
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