How to Remove W32 PePatcher.C

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    • 1). Go to the AVG Free Anti-Virus program if your computer does not already have an existing anti-virus tool. Download the program and follow the on-screen installation instructions.

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      Updating the Anti-Virus Program

      Open the anti-virus program, then click on the "Update Now" icon at the left side of the screen. Wait for the most recent virus detection information to completely finish downloading, then close the anti-virus program.

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      Choosing the System Protection Link

      Access the "Start" menu at the bottom of the desktop. Open the "Control Panel" menu, then double click the "System" link. Find the "System Protection" link at the left side of the window and click it.

    • 4
      Turning Off System Restore

      Scroll to the bottom of the "System Protection" window and locate the heading marked "Automatic System Restore Points." Uncheck all of the check boxes underneath the heading. Click "Apply" once all the check marks are removed.

    • 5
      Restarting in "Safe Mode"

      Exit out of the window, then restart your computer. Press the "F8" key as soon as the computer manufacturer's logo shows up on the screen. Scroll through the list of options that will appear and highlight the "Safe Mode" entry. Press "Enter."

    • 6). Bring up your computer's anti-virus utility when the operating system has finished restarting in "Safe Mode." Click on "Computer Scanner" at the top end of the window.

    • 7
      Scanning For the W32 PEPatcher.c Trojan

      Select the "Scan Entire Computer" option, then click on "Start." Wait for the anti-virus tool to finish scanning your hard drive for the W32 PEPatcher.c virus. Click the "Remove Problems" button.

    • 8). Navigate to the "System Protection" window. Turn the "Automatic System Restore" feature back on by clicking on each of the check boxes. Restart your computer to finish the W32 PEPatcher.c removal process.

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