What Causes Spider Veins?

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A spider vein is a vein that looks like a little jagged line of spider webs or tree branches and appears just below the surface of the skin.
They are usually caused by a variety of factors, and knowing where yours came from can give you treatment options.
Future prevention is also a consideration in learning how you developed these unsightly veins.
Fortunately, spider veins are generally harmless, and most often removed for cosmetic reasons only.
What causes spider veins, you ask? There are four different known reasons that people can develop venous disease.
Prolonged sun exposure and hormone imbalances are both known to contribute to poor vascular function.
Also, vascular disease can be enhanced by being overweight, or as a genetic predisposition.
That means that if your mother or father was prone to vascular disease, that might be what causes spider veins in your system.
No matter what causes spider veins in your case, there are two different treatment options that you can consider to get rid of these unsightly little lines.
Sclerotherapy is the first and most affordable option.
This treatment involves injecting the veins with a chemical that causes them to collapse and disappear.
It is more affordable than the laser treatment, but will require repeated sessions over time.
Laser treatment is another option to get rid of unsightly veins.
This process involves omitting a bright light over the veins, which causes them to contract and disappear.
While it is more expensive than Sclerotherapy, laser treatment only requires one visit, unless you have multiple spots on your legs and feet that need treated.
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