How to Repair the Ice Maker in a General Electric Refrigerator

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    • 1). Check the General Electric refrigerator's ice maker to verify that the switch is in the "On" position.

    • 2). Inspect the ice maker shutoff arm just above the ice maker. It is a wire rod about twice the thickness of a coat hanger.

    • 3). Verify that the ice maker shutoff arm is lowered into position; if it is raised up, move it down to activate the ice maker.

    • 4). Check the ice cube tray to see if there is any water getting into the tray; if not, verify that your water supply is working properly, getting water to the water valve in the ice maker.

    • 5). Check the water valve to verify that it is not frozen and that water is coming out of the valve.

    • 6). Inspect the water line to verify that it is not pinched and that the line is not frozen anywhere. If it is, use a blow dryer on a low setting to thaw the line out.

    • 7). Inspect the in-line water filter, removing the canister to verify that there is nothing clogging the tube in front or behind the filter.

    • 8). Remove the ice maker module, and replace with a new unit if there is no other problems visible. Remove the ice maker by using a screwdriver to unfasten the screws, and pop the module out of the freezer.

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