ProFlight Simulator, 10 Reasons To Have It

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Pro Flight Simulator is quite possibly the best flight simulator on the market today.

Why do I say this?

Well lets look at 10 points that make this game stand out from the crowd, giving you an overall impression of the 'game' (you'll see why I put quotation marks around that word later) and what truly makes it one of the all time best flight simulators out there today.

1) 120+ pilot-able aircraft.

This 'game' sports the mosts impressive array of aircraft compared to any other simulator around. Not only do you get the full range of aircraft starting from the humble origins of the smaller and popular cessna models. You get to fly in combat aircraft, launched off of seaborne aircraft carriers.

You also get to pilot helicopters, like the Boeing CH-47 Chinook and the Sikorsky S76C++.

Also there are a bunch of gliders out there to try like the Schweizer 2-33 (TG-4) and the good old Zeppelin.

2) 20,000+ real airports.

That's right each of which you are completely free to travel to and inspect at your own leisure. All of which have been recreated using latest photographic technology.

3) Changeable Weather Conditions

The weather on this 'game' is based on the most realistic a weather effects generator available, watch your plane soar through gails, wind, rain, snow or even lightning. Also should you feel the need to by pass this particular real-world issue, you can safely change the weather to suit your mood, or make things easier. Even planetary alignment is correctly modelled.

4) Photo-Realistic Terrain Based On US Defense Mapping Agency with Lifetime FREE updates.

We all can guess at just how accurately the US government is in mapping the terrain across the world. And this is reflected in this simulator. And with lifetime free updates and upgrades that's one less thing to worry about.

5) Used on TV episodes & Flight Training

Because of it's amazing detail and real life accuracy, ProFlight simulator is used on TV episodes and more importantly in professional flight schools for real life pilot training.

6) Real-world timing.

To put it quite simply if its nighttime in Sydney, then the 'game' will be in nighttime there as well.

7) Full ATC Functions

Again, to be as realistic as possible no part is missed out.You will go from gate to the runway, from the sky to land, from taxi to gate. Request clearance for departure, takeoff, taxi and more...

8) Multiplayer Functionality

Ever wanted to experience your flight simulator passion with others who want to do the same thing? Well now it is made even easier with ProFlight Simulator.

Work with your firends to practice flying in formations, which is excellent using newer combat aircraft. Or try your hand at aerobatics. Or maybe just do a plain and simple air-to-air refuelling run.

This really adds life to this 'game', no more doing the flying alone!

9) Mac Compatible

Among other things, I'm an enthusiastic Mac user, and I love to hear that games are compatible with Mac's. So that's great news for all you Mac users out there too, because we can try ProFlight Simulator!

10) ProFlight Simulator. It's Not A Game?

"The Pro Flight Simulator, on the other hand, is not a flight simulator game, but rather, the most realistic Flight Simulator."

Yes this 'game' is a game. But it's really not.It's a simulator. It is the best flight simulator and it plays like the best flight simulator. But who says you can't just enjoy it when playing?

Has this sparked your appetite for a flight simulator? If so, check out
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