Upgrade Yourself With New Skill for Success

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We are bombarded by negative reports everyday the moment we wake up in the morning and flip through the first few pages of our daily newspaper.
There are news about the Euro economic crisis, high unemployment rate in the US, war in the middle-east and other myriad accidents that are happening around us each day.
Imagine receiving all these news when you are trying to start a new day.
It could be very discouraging to most people.
In times of uncertainty, instead of dwelling in a negative state and keep on worrying about those things that don't happen in the way that you wish, why not get yourself together and learn a new skill to upgrade yourself in preparation for the next opportunity? "Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity" - Henry Hartman Whether you are trying hard to find a job or simply just wish to get promotion from the company that you currently work for, you must always try to acquire new skills in anticipation for any unforeseen challenge.
There is plenty of software available today that can help us execute our work more efficiently.
No matter which profession you are in right now, it is almost impossible to survive if you do not have any computer skill unless you are working in a labor intensive industry.
It is even more crucial to have these skills if you are in the design industry.
Everybody uses software to help them come up with their design proposal in today's fast-paced environment.
A graphic designer will mostly use Photoshop to create banners, logos and name cards while an architect may use AUTOCAD, SKETCHUP and REVIT to come up with attractive perspective for presentation.
These are software that you must be well verse of in order to achieve top performance in your design practice.
The above quote by Henry Hartman clearly shows us that we can only achieve success if we are well prepared when an opportunity comes along.
In other words: Success = Preparation + Opportunity We will never know when that day will arrive, but at least start preparing ourselves for it when we still have the time.
More doors will soon be opened up for you once you have gained new skills.
Hence from today onwards, evaluate what your goal is and start taking one small step by learning a new tool that can help projecting yourself to a higher level when the right opportunity arrives.
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