How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home

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    • 1). Select an interior room in your home with no windows or exterior entry.

    • 2). Install reinforced steel security bars on the inside of the door. Use the manufacturer's instructions for installation, but ensure they are secured to the studs in the walls when installed.

    • 3). Fit pre-fabricated steel wall panels to the room, if your budget allows. The room must be measured and the steel panels made to order.

    • 4). Add key-only entry dead bolt locks to the door. Key only means the locks do not manually open but a key must be used for entry and exit. One is generally sufficient, but for a high security room, a double lock system is recommended.

    • 5). Place an emergency, battery-powered light system in the room. Have a secondary supply of batteries available for the lights.

    • 6). Provide sanitation supplies such as a portable, bucket-type elimination system for bodily fluids, and cleaning supplies. Add in emergency food and water, in case the shelter will be used for an extended period of time. A three-day supply is sufficient, as this type of shelter is not meant to be used long term.

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