Enhance Your Iphone Battery Life

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Many among Apple iPhone users complain about the battery life of their iPhones. With such large number of features, the battery life is sufficient according to many people. While great lot of users complained about the less battey life, they have also found out a process to upgrade their iPhone battery life to turn their experience with the device much better than before.

There are several ways to increase the iPhone battery life. Some of major ways of enhancing the battery life of the iPhone have been discussed below:

1. Firstly, you can enhance your iPhone battery life by bringing down the brightness of the LCD screen. You can fix the brightness at 10 % and still enjoy a god service. The screen brightness can be changed by visiting the setting options.

2. Secondly, you can switch off Wi-fi scanning. There is no need to switch on the Wi-fi scanning when you the not using the wi-fi application, bcause it will consume the battery faster. The same thing applies to Bluetooth. Do not keep the Bluetooth on when you are not using it.

3. Thirdly, while using the iPhone just enable the 3G. But you not need to enable the 3G if you are not using the thing to access information. You can strike off the 3g feature by going to the Settings option.

4. You can also remove the vibration to enhance your iPhone battery span. Certain iPhone games use vibration. So, you can remove the vibration option if you are not playing games.

5. It is better not to use the GPS tracking device because it consumes the battery charge quickly. If you are required to use the maps feature, use it. In case you do not need to use this feature, t is advised to deactivate it.

6. Purchase your music via iTunes on the computer and not over the phone via Wi-Fi. Doing this via computer will save your battery charge. You can just synchronize the two devices.

7. Activate the iPhone Autolock. In case you are not using the iPhone always, it is suggested to fix it to Autolock that turns off the screen when not in use. This will certainly aid to upgrade the span of the iPhone battery.

8. It is better not to use 3D when you are using the iPhone. Though 3D proves to be amazing, it takes away the iPhone battery faster. Morever, it will give you not much time to do anything with your favorite device.

Glance over the aforementioned points and preserve your iPhone so that you can use it to the fullest.
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