How to Build Suet Bird Feeders

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    • 1). Measure the cedar board and mark it at 24 inches long. Cut the board with a circular saw to form two boards that are 24 inches long.

    • 2). Mark one end of a board at a 45-degree angle on each side and cut it to form a point on that end of the board. Cut about 1 inch of the point off with the circular saw to flatten the point and make an upside down "U" shape that is flat at the bottom. This is the top of the suet feeder.

    • 3). Drill a 1/4-inch hole in the center of the flat "U" on the top of the feeder.

    • 4). Screw in a 1/2-inch eye bolt by turning it clockwise until it is inserted fully.

    • 5). Tie nylon string to the eye bolt in a knot and leave a long length for tying to a tree branch.

    • 6). Drill 1 1/2-inch holes in the board going entirely through the board in a random pattern about 3 inches apart.

    • 7). Cut suet into about 1-inch squares. Stuff the squares into the holes of the feeder so that each hole is full throughout the feeder.

    • 8). Hang the feeder on a tree branch or off a porch by tying the nylon string to a support.

    • 9). Repeat this process for the other 24-inch board to make two feeders.

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