Challenging CPR (Criminology - Politics & Religion)

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National statistics indicate that 64.
8% of what the American public has been trained to believe about Criminology, Politics, and Religion (CPR) is in fact false.
Before reading any further, will anyone take the time to challenge the previous statistic? Probably not.
It's usually easier to comm­ission others to "think for us".
If Americans were told the truth about, why most people commit crimes, and what happens to their psyche when imprisoned, there would be less people imprisoned and less people willing to arbitrarily create and enforce laws to place them there.
People don't commit crimes because they are inherently "bad people.
" To suggest that only "bad people" fill prisons is to suggest that only "good people" fill the free world.
Neither of these suppositions could ever be true.
Rather than blindly accept the theory that harsher prison sentences and more prisons will solve all of our criminal woes, we should challenge the wisdom of those in charge of our throwaway citizens.
We need to find out what makes some people more prone to criminality than others.
We need to cease viewing other humans as disposable.
If punishment is necessary, then surely treatment is as well.
Either the science of criminology is flawed, or we are being lied to about how to make our neighborhoods safer and how to foster positive change in the occasional deviant of society.
Challenge is in order.
We complain and complain about the performance of our local, state and federally elected and appointed officials.
We complain about entire branches of government.
We complain, complain and complain...
but do nothing about it.
George Orwell once said "Political language...
is designed to make lies sound truthful, and murder respectful" But who doesn't already know this?! Yet, the complaining continues.
Every branch of government in the United States of America has a failsafe or checks and balances to correct a system which does not run in the manner in which The People (voters) intended or understood as the manner in which it was/is to run.
Again, everyone knows this.
We have firings, recall elections, impeachment proceedings, midterm elections, senate and congressional hearings...
everything we need to make things work properly.
But for some reason we believe that there is nothing we can do about any bad political situation in which we find ourselves.
Study your state and U.
Study their respective amendments.
Spread the word: When something is not working properly it can and should be fixed.
We don't have to accept the status quo as the status quo.
Make useless complaining a thing of the past.
Challenge is in order.
Fear or admiration is often the reasons parishioners won't question their religious leaders.
A simple two or three paragraphs written by a throwaway citizen certainly won't undo centuries upon centuries of abusive religious leadership.
But, I would like to provide you with something to ponder.
Generally speaking religion is not something to be despised.
It is despicable people who should be despised.
Consider the following analogy.
A well-known chef of a highly acclaimed chain of restaurants has instructed his cooks to serve from a menu which he alone has created, promising an exquisite, culinary delight.
The patrons consume the food over a course of time and begin experiencing symptoms which lead them to conclude that they have developed some sort of sickness.
Some of the patrons (very few) privately express their concerns to the cooks and servers that the food may be causing their uncomfortable symptoms.
The overwhelming majority will say nothing, rather choosing to wholeheartedly accept the promise of the chef that what they have been served is truly an "exquisite, culinary delight.
" In fact, the vast majority of patrons will look elsewhere for the cause of their discomfort, never for a moment believing in the poss­ibility that the cause could be their beloved chef.
No one notices that the chef won't eat food from his own menu.
Where will they find help when the cause and cure spring from the same fountain? This is perverted religion with despicable leadership.
We've all heard the saying that "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
" I remind everyone of another perspective, "If something seems wrong or unreasonable, it might be.
Challenge it.
" Sometimes CPR doesn't work.
Instead of continuing to waste precious time with tried and UNTRUE methods, we must disengage relinquishing our minds and our wills to finite and fallible humanity with such a short period of time on Earth, shouldn't we spend some of that time making things right for ourselves and others? CPR is killing us.
Challenge is on order.
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